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“Lemon Tree” was definitely a blessing. “The song came to me as I waited for my girlfriend and I immediately realized that the song is something special. One day of production – the rest is history that continues until today,” tells singer Peter Freudenthaler. Refreshingly, FOOLS GARDEN don´t flirt with the supposed curse which such a world hit can bring with. On the contrary, they play “Lemon Tree” also even today with pleasure live and are still proud of the song. The song was successful almost everywhere in the world, why should we deny this important part of our career? We play music, give concerts and may well make a living – what more could we want?” FOOLS GARDEN feel no pressure, so they don´t have to distinguish themselves all the time. Even if they aren’t permanently superficially present in the German music landscape – the band was always on the go in recent years. They have played live, were on the move after the publication of the “Best Of” album, among the rest, also acoustically and unplugged. In small clubs, away from the big spectacle, and they have taken their time. Maybe that’s a recipe? Not to force the music and to hand over the songs on himself. Perhaps the songs then get particularly well. For their album “WHO IS JO KING?” FOOLS GARDEN have let themselves 2,5-year time. And it has been worthwhile. The birth of this extraordinary album title was a trip to an event in Chongqing, China three years ago. At the beginning someone out off the team didn´t understand the name of the city and asked loudly who, because of this fact, “Jo King” would be. Unfortunately, the engagement ended tragically because the region was shaken by earthquakes, and the planned music event of several days became a charity concert. “Even in this catastrophe the laughter about the misunderstanding was an important ray of hope straight for all of us. He gave us strength and with the title we remind of it.” When the track “INNOCENCE” originated four month ago, the moment had come, when front man Peter and Co.-foundation member Volker Hinkel realized: It´s time now to accelerate. The song gave push and direction to the whole album – and becomes consequently the first single from “WHO IS JO KING?”. With the support of the Film Orchestra Babelsberg, a crystal-clear, powerful song arose in June, that tells of a kind-heartedness that we all once possessed: “INNOCENCE” celebrates the childlike innocence that must be preserved when we grow up.With it “INNOCENCE” paves the way for an album which concerns the basic subjects of life with astonishing ease. Whether it´s an appeal to the inner beauty of each of us like in “HOW DO YOU FEEL”
or “MAYBE” which encourages us to stick to our ideals and not to let bend, or also the affecting “HERE AM I” whose text Freudenthaler wrote on an Irish beach. “When I sat there and watched the sea how it left tracks in the sand with every wave, I felt a little like Homer. I am convinced that each of us leaves something for the posterity, no matter how small it is. Every thing influences another – whether clearly or subtly.” Even more personally it becomes if one finds out that “WATER” is dedicated to the resignation Freudenthalers by his father. The openness with which he reveals the backgrounds of the moving song and the positive basic feeling with which he processes the experienced deal a lot with the experience of freedom. Also musically the new album profits from the hand experienced, typical lightness FOOLS GARDENs. Self-confidently and demandingly the album saunters through radio-pop and Singer and Songwriter-Indie to toggle through and every now and then passionately dive into bombastic choruses (“SHE”) and instrumental orgies (“ARE YOU JO KING”). True to the example of the band they worship since its inception, the Beatles. On “WHO IS JO KING?” they come the Fab Four at least optically closer than ever: The legendary Beatles friend and graphic artist Klaus Voormann who had once designed, among others, the cover of the album “revolver” has also sketched the Artwork of “WHO IS JO KING?”. Klaus Voormann by the way didn´t let himself be asked for a long time for this order: After he had listened to the new songs, he had immediately lined up, that the album would bring him “in a good mood” and accepted directly. “We drove to the Starnberger lake, ate pumpkin soup with him and his wife and listened, being astonished like small boys, to his stories. The excitement lay down sometime and we talked about our mutual artistic ideas. It was an electrifying atmosphere.” From a collage consisting of the drawn heads of the musicians and old child photos now a cover has originated which not only testifies from the unique style Voormann´s, but – quite classically – was also inspired by the musical explanatory power of “WHO IS JO KING?”. That’s a whole series of good omen for FOOLS GARDEN, who present a strong record with “WHO IS JO KING?”, which has originated in complete silence and now will go completely calmly her way. Peter Freudenthaler, Volker Hinkel, and Dirk Blümlein embark upon a journey in September, 2012 with 14 very lively tracks and leave with their lighthearted compositions everywhere a little bit of the feeling of great freedom, we all long for.
Fools Garden & SWDKO - Count on me
Fools Garden & SWDKO - High Again
Fools Garden & SWDKO - Probably
Fools Garden & SWDKO - COLD
Fools Garden & SWDKO - Wild Days
Fools Garden & SWDKO - Closer
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